Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Flyers to Promote Your Special Events

Even in today’s web marketing world, posters have kept a hold on their importance and has proven to be one of the most effective promotional strategies. And more particularly, when it comes to organizing any special event such as a dance show, music concert or grand opening of a store, you need to a medium to create awareness. And, there are many other ways for doing that, such as TV, newspapers, and radio. But these mediums often tend to overcome the specified budget, which affects small businesses and they find it hard to promote a special event.

The most preferred promotional media that has been in corners for years is word of mouth. Getting your products promoted through word of mouth is the very basics of advertising and has evolved a lot in recent years. Thanks to the growth of social media channels. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter offer free channels for many small businesses and help them promote their business offerings and any special events. They are always the most preferred platform by most businesses that help them stay engaged and connected with customers.

Flyers to Promote Your Special Events

While social media has certainly its benefits to help promote events and generate some awareness and create a buzz around them, we must not forget some of the other ways that have been in use for years. One such way is direct marketing and using flyers to promote your events.
  1. Reach Your Audience: Flyers today are the most massively used platforms to promote your special events and reach an audience in many ways, including street distribution, newspaper inserts, in-store distribution, and door to door mail drop.
  1. Get Creative: If you decide to promote your special event with flyers printing services online, then there are numerous ways to get creative with your messages that you want to spread. You can highlight your main message, whether it is a sale or an open day and make your flyer stand out. Most flyers are generally A4 or A5 in size and can get printed two-sided to give you some more space to get your message spread across. Don’t forget to consider a folded finish flyer in order to make it really stand out than the other.
  1. Something Tangible: The tangible nature of a flyer is another added advantage that will make you more customer reachable to promote your event. The design and print of your flyer will decide whether or not the customers will prefer reading it to find out more information. So, it’s essential to have a perfect design with the main message clear and easy to see and read. The quality print finish can create a huge difference to customers, grabbing it to read.
  1. Incentives: Printing online your flyers provide you ample space to include incentives such as vouchers and coupon codes. This attracts people more towards your product and helps creating some early awareness. You can also promote your event more by offering some discount, such as offering some kind of offer to the first 20 people who use a certain coupon code.
Flyers are an extremely cost-effective and a successful marketing tactic that can help you boost your business and promote any of your events, products or services without bleeding your budget dry. They are a brilliant way of getting your message widespread to a large number of people.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Necessary Tips to Reduce Office Paper Wastage

Using paper for printing, copying or document preparing is common around businesses. All commercial firms need paper related materials in one way or another. Even in this digital era, companies require a lot of paperwork for marketing, keeping hard copy records and paper communication. However, recent studies on paper usage has given some shocking statistic:
  • Average office workers uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year.

  • USA, reveals that it consumes less than 30% of the world’s paper.

  • Printing and writing paper equals about one-half of U.S. paper production

The demand for printed documents on paper is not going to stop. All you can do is, restrict its miss-utilization and pave a new way for office paper waste reduction. Check out these tips to help reduce the amount of paper and printing products that are used in your workplace.
  • Go for both sides printings: While making copies, use front and back piece of paper to cut consumption in half. 

  • Prior thinking on document printing is necessary: Before printing documents, proofread once for errors or spelling mistake. Do not print extra pages. Only few pages instead of whole report. Also, consider sharing the document with colleagues for proper checking, so that any mistake would not result in re-printing. 

  • Expert helps: There are certain agency or firms that work in online printing and copying genre. You can hand over your task to them. They would surely help you with professional guidance, expert suggestions and finished print job, without wasting time and off-course, the paper. 

  • Tear or cut paper into shreds for reuse: Old documents could be used as packaging materials for shipments. Shred them into small pieces and reuse them. 

  • Wise paper selection can also help in saving: Choose chlorine free paper with a greater percentage of recycled content. 

  • Emphasize the reusability: Reusing one-sided printed document for rough pads, draft document and internal memos could be a great help in paper conservation. Put the old paper to good use. Also, provide trays to collect one-side written papers, envelopes, etc. 

  • Post commercial announcement on a bulletin board or circulate copies. 

  • Do an annual or monthly paper audit: Prepare an audit report on kind and volume of paper waste generated by your company. This would help in taking necessary step towards reducing consumption and find alternative measure. 

  • Educate employees: Conservation of paper and plants is more fruitful than an individual effort. Introduce employee about the effect of wastage and re-utilization of paper in your company. Publicize your paper prevention effort. A mass move would surely bring a new change.
We all can do our part for waste reduction and natural resource conservation in office. The fact is, to follow before it’s too late! This way you can surely cut back on the paper trail and leave your office, surrounding and your planet green forever.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Why Print Media Will Thrive Even in this era of Digital Media?

Dominance of digital media (DM) has led many to believe that print media (PM) will eventually cease to exist. In reality, PM is only getting better, in some aspects surpassing DM. Although ebooks are taking the world by storm, books will never be obsolete. Although brochures, poster, business cards are becoming digital, they are not always the best medium to do business. Sure, online digital marketing is fast and efficient; but print marketing has its perks too, which are not achievable the digital way.

This blog is all about the importance and glory of PM in today's dominance of digitization. We will also consider its shortcomings, whatsoever.

Why Print Media will Continue to Flourish?

The proliferation of digital marketing has made it tougher for online marketing strategies succeed. Whereas, printed materials when sent via mail, gets dedicated attention. Statistics show that over 70% of consumers prefer print advertising over online ads. The fact that over 80% of consumers read mail everyday, only bolsters the efficiency of print ads. Plus, print marketing has a low cost per impression.

A Survey done by Pitney Bowes revealed that over 70% of small businesses prefer the combination of both forms of media for an effective marketing venture.

Print materials exist independently without the need of specific electronic devices, power source and Internet connectivity. Unlike digital media, which are constricted by display size of the devices, prints can be produced in any dimension. It has a longer self-life; hence, ads, printed on paper will continue to reach audiences long after it was initially produced. Most importantly, it has a pass-along advantage over DM. Plus, they give a sensory experience because it's tangible, and welcomes a longer attention span than DM. This gives PM the advantage to connect audiences emotionally, making it memorable than DM. Today, QR code (Quick Response Code) is often integrated with PM to facilitate digital copy production of the same print.

But, PM has its limitations. For example, they are not as flexible as DM and can't compete with DM's fast supply chain. It also lacks DM's ability to analyze the audiences' response and then modify ads in a short notice. However, this makes PM suitable for business cards, postcards, brochure and flyer and other business grey literature.

It's worth noting that digitization has in-fact made print production more efficient. Businesses can take advantage of online printing services to get print material at a cost-effective price. It was only possible because designs can be created digitally and sent halfway across the world instantly. Digitization has also facilitated the development of crisp color palette, enabling businesses to avail high-quality color prints on a wide range of surfaces.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Top 10 Print Items Businesses Implement to Improve Sales

Businesses strive to provide only the best product, service and experience to its customers. Furthermore, they thrive and continue providing their services from the revenue they earn. However, that’s easier said than done! Companies have to standout in their niche industry in order to make an impact on their target audience and stay a step ahead of their competitors. Only effective advertisement reaches potential customer, which explicitly informs them about the kind of product or services the company is offering. Your business printing is one important aspect of your marketing arsenal. It accurately reflects your branding; communicates your business products, services, ethics to your customers. Below are the various forms of full color printing material that has the potential to drive more sales to your business than you think. 

full color printing

Brochures: A brochure is an informative piece of document, commonly used by organization and companies to inform about the product and services. This is basically for advertisement only and reach the niche customer with less investment.

Business cards: Business cards are cards bearing business information. Most business cards are tossed within hours of a meeting. Instead of having your card tossed, create one that recipients will actually like to keep and say “a good-looking card!” with your contact info and tagline.

Banners: Banner advertisements are a quick read for potential customers and have the same impact as that of billboards, without involving the high cost. You can create a custom banner that conveys your message in a clean classy outdoor format.

Door hangers: Door hangers or say flyers are rectangular piece of strong paper, mostly cut to hang from the knob or handle of a door.

Flyers: Flyers or pamphlet are circular, handbill that are used to promote products and services. It’s a form of paper advertisement that are distributed among public in crowded area from maximum reach. Flyers are an affordable way to get info out to a large number of people.

Postcards: Postcards are rectangular-shaped dual sided pieces of thick paper that are used for mailings without the need to utilize an envelope. Postcards are manufactured by business corporations to promote the brand.

Letterhead: Letterhead are heading at the top of a sheet of letter paper. The heading includes name, address and logo of the organization. Sometimes whole sheet in companies are imprinted with such heading. This is a great tool for branding.

Labels: The term label is commonly used to mean a small, sticky piece of paper that you can place on an object to identify it. The label contains information, name tags, advertising, warnings and other communication.

Posters: Posters provide a logical and cost-effective way of communicating to a particular target market. Posters are typically designed to be attention-grabbers to give information to passersby. These are simply piece of printed paper that visually describes the services of the company.

Presentation Folders: A presentation folder are attractive and informative marketing material. It contains loose sheets and documents, that is folded in half with pockets in order to keep paper. This is an effective tool in presentation and aid much to sales process.

In this digital era, it is true that electronic media creates a great influence. However, nothing can beat the effect of print media in making connections.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

How Outsourcing Printing Projects are Advantageous?

Outsourcing is no novice term. It has gained a lot more popularity since a decade, as it significantly reduces cost, irrespective of how big or small your business is. Have you ever considered real cost of managing your printing projects in-house? Did you ever reached a point where the skills and expertise needed is not enough? Do you find time as the biggest issue to perform the key task? If answered affirmatively, then you should immediately outsource printing task to an online digital printing services provider.

Digital Printing Services
Here are some key facts that proves, how advantageous the outsourcing printing companies are:

Get access to skilled expertise: Get skilled expertise is the primary reason for outsourcing a printing task. To allow you to focus more on your core mission in providing high quality product and services, makes sense for offshoring the task to people can perform better.

Focus on core activities: Without outsourcing, increase of workload with additional non core activities suffers as the business grows. Outsourcing in such scenario to a third party leaves more time for things that matter the most for you. You could save money as well as precious man-hour.

Better risk management: Outsourcing printing projects allows better risk management thereby reducing the burden. Outsourcing to a competent outsourcing partner you reduce the risk involved in having the same task done in-house by staff that may not be as competent in that field.

Utilizes latest technology: Use of innovative technology is best reason for outsourcing your next printing assignment. The best outsourcing company offers a turn key in businesses, with ultimate copying and printing service including customized real time reports for monitoring your order, shipment and inventory.

Cut cost and save more: Stop dealing with printer malfunctions & repairs and the high cost of paper, ink, binding & finishing materials, and your staff’s time. Your outsourcing printing agency saves your money and will cost what you need. You won’t need to stock endless supplies and at the end of the day, relax knowing that your printing is in the right hands!

Time saving: Printing is a time consuming process so let the experts do what they do best and leave your staff to focus on their core roles. As we all know this is the biggest issue.

Print projects tend to require lot of resources for effective business. It is most important that the print project must be professionally done. Managed print services provide businesses with materials that are clear and concise. These materials make an impression on both colleagues and potential clients.  

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Right Online Printing Service Can Boost Your Business

The wide use of Internet across the world have opened so many businesses and marketing opportunities. Online media offers easy accessibility to all types of services that are less time-consuming and cost effective than the real-world service facility. It's like a source of communication with a larger range of potential audience in no time. A business without marketing is impossible to imagine and a marketing without online media is of no use. Whether its a bigger venture or a smaller one, processing of business prints plays an important role for every business.

Large number of business professionals around the world are now choosing online printing service over traditional one because of its practical effectiveness. Now it has become very easy to place printing order on any printing service provider website as result to get instant result. Online printing service widely known as digital printing service can also be used as one of functional marketing strategy for building up any business stand.

Digital printing services

The benefits of using online printing services are:
  • Less time-consuming.
  • High quality output.
  • Cost-effective printing.
  • Excellent customer care via chats and emails.
  • Custom products in diverse color arrangements.
The process of printing material:
  • Creative design: The first step of printing process. Whether you will hire a professional designer or you will do it as of your own, totally depends on individual preference. The most effective option is to go for an online printing service company that offers a great deal of prepared layouts, from which you can choose your preferred in very little time.
  • Order printing online: After the design gets ready you need to order it for getting the hard copies of the materials. For getting the accurate output it is necessary to mention your desired color, font and some other requiring data to the printing service provider.
  • Payment: There are plenty of online options available for making payments, also you can use your credit card and debit card for smart payment option.
  • Delivery of printing material: This is the last step for any printing process. Faster delivery service is always in demand as you can your ordered materials within a limited time at your doorstep.

Whether you are looking for printing your business postcard, marketing brochures or flayers, online printing service offer several advantages that help to meet your business needs and goals.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Design a Unique Business Card with Digital Printing Services

Designing your business card is part art, part science. You don’t just want a business card that looks great, but also gets noticed and represent your business in a way it sticks in their subconscious. All you get is just 2 inches X 3.5 inches of space; yet, you have to speak a lot about yourself; the company; make an impression; send a message across your audience and many other things.

Business card doesn’t have to boring! There are better ways to make it appealing and design it to sell itself.

Design a Unique Business Card with Digital Printing Services
Basics of Designing a Card:

  • Your Company logo is the face; make it the largest element
  • Keep the design breathable and neat, without stuffing too much information on the card
  • Keep just the essentials – Name, Title, Address, Phone, Fax, Email and Website. If you still have space you can use, include social media profile name. (ex. @CarCompany)
  • The typeface should be easily readable and take care of the print quality. Check if it feels unique in your hand.
  • Stick to just one or two colors that represent your company or industry theme.

Creative Approach to Designing a Card:

  • Print a bigger card, double the size (4-inch X 7-inch), so that it can be folded like a mini brochure. You could even print on a metallic or wooden or plastic card.
  • Non-traditional cards get more attention. For example, a birthday cake shape, Teddy bear or even functional cards like pockets, foldable paper toys and structures etc. These designs make sure that they are unique and get special attention.
  • Use textured paper for better effects. To make it visually appealing, you can go for embossing for a raised surface of essential elements like company logo.

Tips to Make the Most of your Card:

  • Offer more than one card to one client, so that they can give one to somebody else and help spread the word.
  • Send one card along every business correspondence
  • Use a hard, clean case and keep it with you at all times

After the design is done, it’s advisable to print a few samples and see how it feels. The best way to do this without breaking the bank is online digital printingservices. Since the image will be fed directly from the computer, you can order even the minimum number of cards; let's say just one!

Aforementioned steps will help you speak a lot with just one card; moreover, sending the right message! It will help build you company image, make you trust-worthy and is a great tool for bringing in more clients.